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Our People, Our Purpose, Our Passion.

Our People, Our Purpose, Our Passion.

At Merriwa, our dream is to be part of a future where people of all abilities reach their potential and they feel respected, happy and confident. This is not only a dream but a reality we strive for everyday. It was once said that the greatest success is helping others succeed and grow, and this couldn’t be more true for us. Success for our people, is success for us, our teams and our community.

There is nothing more uplifting than watching a team of people genuinely celebrating the success of others, getting behind them and cheering them on – and in the past few weeks, that’s exactly what we have done.

We have recently celebrated the successes of our people, which you will read in the Merriwa feature pages here, where we want to share the stories of our people; who they are and what they have been achieving. Our people are achieving incredible things, whether that be on a sporting field, learning new skills at work, pursuing personal goals, beginning hobbies or getting out of their comfort zone. I’m extremely proud of each and every person at Merriwa, of their contributions, their team work, their support and ability to celebrate others achievements.

With a team of over 250 employees, it’s a privilege to work at Merriwa, walk throughout thriving business divisions, talk with our teams and hear that successes and achievements our people.

Take the time to find out more about the people here at Merriwa, because there are people doing amazing things beyond the shed walls as you drive by our many business divisions in Wangaratta and Wodonga.

Bart Crawley,

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