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What we do

Our team of over 80 people with a disability work alongside over 100 colleagues to deliver quality goods to our diverse customers. Our growing business is substantial and generates over $35 million in revenue across our four divisions:

Contract packing and processing

Timber manufacturing

Park Lane Nursery


How we operate

Our motto is ‘bringing quality to life’, we do this by having highly skilled, highly trained professionals, who use the latest modern equipment and adhere to strict quality standards.

Merriwa holds a number of third party product and process Quality Certifications to Australian Standards in addition to maintaining International Quality Assurance Standard ISO9000 in all of our operations. We also maintain customer-specific accreditations such as Woolworths Limited WQA.  

With a net asset base of $15million, Merriwa has a robust commercial focus and reinvests its profits heavily into its facilities, people and capital equipment.  

Our customers

Merriwa is recognized as one of Australia’s most successful social enterprises. We provide good and services to some of this country’s largest and most trusted companies, including Woolworths, Bunnings, Mars and Telstra. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is also a valued and loyal customer.


Benefits for all

The money our customers spend goes so much further than a simple transaction. By choosing Merriwa you contribute to a range of community services. Which means are giving people with a disability a sense of purpose, helping someone experiencing hard times, putting a roof over someone’s head or helping children in need of care. When you become a customer of Merriwa, or support a Merriwa customer, you benefit by:

  • Receiving excellent value for money and certified quality assured products
  • Clearly demonstrating your commitment to enabling all people, of all abilities, to prosper
  • Providing real, meaningful work for people who may not otherwise have the opportunity.
  • Your employees being proud that they work for an organisation committed to making a difference in the lives of others.
  • Reaching your diversity spending goals and supporting the growth of diversity businesses
  • Supporting small to medium sized enterprises and local industry.

By supporting Merriwa you are making a positive impact by creating new jobs and being a valued corporate citizen.


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