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Contract Packaging and Processing

Contract Packaging

We have modern, flexible and scalable facilities and equipment, including a purpose-built food processing facility.

We specailse in co-packing, reclaim, co-manufacturing, bulk food processing and packaging services in addition to warehousing and logistics solutions, including:

Production overflows and new products – we assist manufacturing companies who have production overflow issues. We also often work with manufacturing companies to assist them in developing new products.

Product inspection – we assist manufacturing companies who have identified a potential issue with their product. We do this by inspecting and sorting each and every unit for the specific issue, and re-packing and returning all products that meet strict criteria to the customer.

In delivering our services, we use the following plant which can be configured to provide alternative solutions to your packaging needs;

  • Flow Wrapper
  • Automatic L-bar
  • Sleeve Wrappers & heat Tunnels
  • Labelling machines
  • Ink Jet printing machines

Merriwa also has the ability inspect and package raw materials in clean room facilities, ensuring the integrity of the product is secure at all times.

If you have a need for packaging or inspection services, or you need the service to be provided in clean room facilities, operating under the highest quality standards, please call us on 03 5722 7600. We would love the opportunity to assist you.


Contract Process Packaging

Contract Process Packaging (CPP) provides a range of packing solutions for either pre-packed product or raw materials for food products suitable for human consumption.

We regularly pack:

  • coconut,
  • apricots,
  • sultanas,
  • pitted dates,
  • and pitted prunes.

Merriwa is also experienced in packing allergen lines, such as:

  • almonds,
  • cashews,
  • mixed nuts,
  • and semolina.

We offer flexibility in packaging, with capabilities to package:

  • form filled bags,
  • re-sealable doy pouches,
  • tub packaging with film seal,
  • and mesh netting bags.

Merriwa CPP can arrange:

  • transportation of raw materials and consumables,
  • distribution of finished goods,
  • and we work closely with customer preferred logistic partners when requested.

Merriwa CPP operates under an extensive Quality Assurance program, by developing comprehensive HACCP procedures, and constantly monitoring checks and results. Internal Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) audits are conducted on a monthly basis, and random Food Safety audits are carried out on all production lines and our warehouse. External audits are continually performed by independent bodies to ensure the highest quality standards are met. Merriwa is extremely proud of achieving an “A” rating under the British Retail Consortium accreditation, a standard recognised throughout the world.


Equipment currently in place in our general packing area includes:

  1. Sleeve Wrappers and Heat Tunnels
  2. Can labellers
  3. Automatic L Bar Sealer
  4. Hot Melt Gluing Machines
  5. Ink Jet Printers
  6. Bar Code Labellers
  7. Tray Maker
  8. Dorber & Embosser
  9. Metal Detector
  10. Under & Over Label Applicators
  11. Check Weighers
  12. Various types of conveyors from roller to variable speed belt


Our clean room environment has the following equipment for packing raw materials:

  1. Multi Head Weighing Machine with Thermal Printer and Metal Detector
  2. Flow Wrapping Machine with Thermal Printer Check Weigher and Metal Detector
  3. Pouch Filling Machine with Ink Jet Printer and Metal Detector
  4. Hopper and Auger Filling Equipment

In the general packing area we have several lines, this provides us with great flexibility for customer’s requirements and also allows us to turn small or large orders around in a quick and efficient manner.

Our large warehouse has an extensive covered unloading and loading zone, with easy access for B-Double trucks.


How our contract packing and processing business has grown


In the mid-1990s Merriwa embarked on a challenge to move away from a non-sustainable model of employing people with disabilities (supported workers), to one that would flourish and create new, exciting and sustainable opportunities for training and skill development.

The new model was developed around a commercial ethos, ensuring Merriwa’s products and services were of the highest standard, exceeding customers’ expectations. In delivering those high standards, Merriwa never lost sight of why it existed, supporting people with differing abilities and ensuring they are given every opportunity to grow and develop. Merriwa quickly moved away from being an organisation asking for help, to becoming the strong and sustainable business it is today.

In the early days Merriwa started working with Uncle Bens (now Mars) assisting them with reclaim / inspection work. To allow for the extra space needed, it rented a factory and employed a small group of 6 supported staff.

Business grew quickly over the coming years, eventuating in Merriwa purchasing its own facility in the late 1990s. Commissioning the first production line including the introduction of new equipment, Merriwa started de-labelling and re-labelling 200g Handy cans of pet food. Supported staff were relocated from the Merriwa’s timber division to assist with the expanding work load and the team grew to over 20 employees.

In the early- 2000s Merriwa commenced its first co-pack activity, being the Whiskas Rural pack, which incorporated a 24 pack of 6 different varieties of pet food products. Since the early ‘90s to current day, Merriwa has serviced Mars in a large number of co-pack activities, and now employs over 50 supported staff in the Contract Packaging division alone.



Established in 2007, Merriwa’s CPP division is one of the newest additions to our diverse organisation. The packaging facility was designed using meat industry standards, considered at the time to be amongst the highest. Following strong demand from key customers, CPP quickly went from utilising a single form filling machine to a second machine and operating two fulltime shifts.

In mid-2011, Merriwa was approached to pack allergen products resulting in the introduction of a third line, installed in a separate factory. This is to ensure full separation of allergen products is ensured.

Merriwa CPP offers skill development opportunities to supported employees, in both production line operations and warehousing duties. Supported employees perform duties such as; operating carton formers, packing and de-packing pallets and general operations where required.


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