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Employment & Training

Employment & Training

Our Supported Employment services are a vital part of helping us to achieve our dream. Our Dream is to be part of a future where people of all abilities reach their potential and feel respected, happy and confident.


Who we work with

Merriwa Ltd offers Supported Employment to people with a disability, who are recipients of the Disability Support Pension (DSP) or who have been referred to Merriwa by Centrelink.


Where we work

Merriwa is proud to offer employment in ‘seamless’ integrated settings, where our supported and independent/non-supported staff work as a team, alongside one-another.

Our services are all based in Wangaratta, Employees travel from the local area and from the surrounding district, including the towns of Yarrawonga, Benalla and Myrtleford.


Our work

Merriwa’s supported employees develop many skills while enjoying a variety of work. Training is provided to increase skills and competencies. Our supported employees are found:

  • Performing in office administration roles;
  • Processing and assembling timber products;
  • Operating our many and varied state-of-the-art packaging machines;
  • Packing and handling food products; and
  • Assisting in occupational health and safety roles
  • Driving fork-lifts;
  • Propagating and nurturing plants and trees


How we work

We are proud that all of our businesses are quality endorsed companies and meet all requirements of the Disability Service Standards.

Our staff use state-of-the-art, modern equipment and are trained  on the latest effective processing methods.

Merriwa is committed to listening to its employees, fostering inclusion and celebrating differences. Our Supported Employee Advisory Committee consists of supported employees who are elected representatives. Committee members meet regularly  to talk about issues facing them and their co workers and to discover ways to improve the workplace  for all employees.


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